The Challenge

75% of small businesses never find a buyer when they are ready to sell.

Selling a business requires:


•Significant Time: Preparing a business for sale and marketing it to the right buyers is a full time job.  It takes even more time when you don't know who the best buyers are or how to find them.  Trying to navigate it alone diverts time and resources away from your company.

•Technical Expertise: Placing a value on a business requires expert knowledge of market conditions, business valuation methodologies, and private capital markets. Different types of buyers may value your business in different ways, and it may be worth more or less in the eyes of different buyers.  This is one of the most challenging aspects of selling a business and is the number one reason why most businesses never sell. 

•Extensive Network: Finding buyers takes a large network of contacts, awareness of types of buyers, and preferences of each buyer type.  Certain businesses are appealing to certain types of buyers.  If you don't know what types of buyers are interested in your business, the deal is dead before it even begins.  Types of business buyers can include:


Other Companies

Private Equity Groups

Family Offices

Search Funds

Small Investment Pools

Failing to obtain interest from multiple buyers may lead to a lower sale price or unfavorable terms.

•Savvy Negotiation: Negotiating the terms of the sale takes diplomacy, tact, and an understanding of human nature.  Having an intermediary that stands between you and potential buyers can remove emotion, improve negotiations, and lead to a much better outcome.  The negotiation process includes agreeing upon specific terms that can affect you and your company long after the sale is complete. 

•Flawless Execution: Doing all of this while continuing to run a business and keeping the sale confidential from competitors, customers, and suppliers takes a proven process.

No one should experience the pain, stress, and financial loss of a poorly structured deal.


That's why we do what we do.

We are and have been business owners ourselves.  

We have been through our own transactions with buyers.

We have spent sleepless nights worrying about employees, customers, and our families.

We have walked in your shoes.

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