Registered Investment Advisors & Wealth Management Teams

Our managing partners have each spent more than a decade in the wealth management industry personally and have been through their own transactions as partners in independent wealth management firms.  We have walked in your shoes.

Whether you are looking to sell your RIA or wealth management practice, grow through acquisitions or simply want to know what your firm is worth, we can help.  

Selling Your RIA - When it comes to selling your firm, we know who all the major players are, and we know how they value companies, negotiate terms, and structure deals.  That puts us in a unique position to help you identify the right acquirers and negotiate the best terms.  

Valuing Your RIA - Valuing an RIA takes a unique understanding of valuation concepts as well as the current buyer and seller landscape. Most valuation experts use a hypothetical buyer and hypothetical seller to come up with a "fair market value."  That can be very different from the prices acquirers are actually paying for similar firms in the current environment, but without active involvement in the RIA M&A landscape on a daily basis, it's difficult to know this.  We don't take a hypothetical valuation approach because we don't have to.  We know the market, and we know what acquirers are actively paying for RIAs at any given time.  

Acquiring RIAs - Whether you're a current RIA owner, bank, private equity group, aggregator, consolidator, family office, or other financial buyer, we can become an integral part of your acquisition team.  We are communicating with RIA owners and partners on a daily basis and we know which ones may be entertaining a sale.  

In addition to bringing significant transaction experience and industry knowledge to navigate the RIA M&A landscape,  we also know the challenges and opportunities RIA owners face.

If you are considering a sale, acquisition, or simply want to know what your firm is worth, no one knows the industry like we do.  As the only Merger & Acquisition Advisory firm in the southeast with a dedicated RIA focus, and the only firm with managing partners that have been in the wealth management industry ourselves, we bring a unique perspectives to the sale and acquisition process

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Insurance Agencies and Brokers

Like the wealth management industry, insurance agencies face their own set of unique challenges.

Technology is changing the industry, making it both more efficient and challenging at the same time.

The average independent insurance agency owner is 59 years old, with 20% of them over age 66, according to a recent Insurance Journal article.  The bad news is that many agencies will need to change hands over the coming decades as these owners look to retire.  The good news is there are a wide range of buyers actively looking for agencies to acquire, and the industry is ripe for continued consolidation.

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Community Banks

With our first-hand experience and expert knowledge of the financial services industry, we bring a unique perspective to bank CEOs and directors in both sell-side and buy-side engagements.  

Increased profitability as a result of rising interest rates and additional cash flow due to lower corporate taxes under the new tax code will provide for an interesting M&A market for banks in the years to come.

More banks are already turning to mergers and acquisitions to fuel growth as they expect excess cash from lower taxes and rising rates.

For banks looking to acquire wealth management firms and independent insurance agencies, we bring significant industry knowledge and corporate development experience to bank CEOs, management teams, and directors.

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