Proprietary Deal Origination for Family Offices & Private Equity

You already have the financial expertise to develop financial models, evaluate acquisitions and make informed decisions.

What you may not have is the time or internal resources devoted to your search process. 

Through years of working with business owners, buyers, and other M&A professionals, we have come to realize that the greatest acquisition opportunities are rarely listed for sale.  That's why we developed a proprietary deal origination process for family offices and private equity looking to invest in private companies in the southeastern United States.

Consider us your outsourced corporate development team.  You provide us with your investment parameters or criteria, and we will begin a targeted search on your behalf.

Through our proprietary search process as well as relationships with a vast network of other professionals, we can help you uncover unique acquisition opportunities.

We'll spend our time identifying, analyzing , and pre-screening acquisition targets, and you can spend your time managing existing assets.

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Existing Businesses

Acquiring other companies with a strategic plan can help you grow your business faster than anything else.  

Whether this is your first acquisition or one of many completed transactions, we can bring significant value to your process.

We don't just help you find the right  business to acquire, we serve as your outsourced M&A team.  We can help you:

  • Develop an acquisition plan.
  • Identify your organizational and operational strengths and weaknesses to target the right industries and regions to create the most value.
  • Assemble your internal acquisition team.
  • Build a database of acquisition targets.
  • Make contact and schedule meetings with interested sellers.
  • Evaluate opportunities .
  • Craft an offer and structure deal terms.

We save you significant time and money by helping you do it right the first time.  We get to know your needs and objectives up front so you don't waste time and resources meeting the wrong sellers.

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Individual Buyers

Buying a business can be one of the most rewarding life choices you ever make.  It can help you improve your lifestyle, give you more personal freedom, and can put you on the fast-track to creating significant personal wealth.

But as with anything in life, buying or investing in a business comes with risks and rewards.  We help you put the potential rewards in perspective and understand the risks to make better decisions. 

Unlike most business brokers and M&A Advisors, we don't just help you find a business to buy.  We help you identify your strengths and how you can leverage those for a successful partnership.  Some people are great in sales.  Some are great strategic planners.  Others have a knack for managing people.  We help you identify those based on your own unique circumstances to give you a better chance of success from the start.

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