Agribusiness & Forest Products

Agriculture is America's Oldest Industry.

Investing in Agriculture is the Newest Trend.

Agriculture is a unique industry, and selling an agricultural business requires a unique process. In the last few years alone, billions of dollars have been raised from investors for the sole purpose of acquiring or investing in agricultural businesses. 

For many years, agriculture and agricultural businesses were never on the radar of many potential acquirers, but that is changing rapidly.

As the population continues to increase and more food will need to be produced, advances in agriculture are changing the industry.  Over the same period, large investment groups, family offices, and strategic buyers have sought ways to invest in the changing environment.

As a result, there are more buyers than ever before seeking acquisitions in a wide range of agribusiness opportunities.

Our past experience covers a range of businesses within the agricultural and forest products sector:

  • Agricultural chemical and fertilizer manufacturers and distributors
  • Farm machinery and equipment manufacturers and distributors
  • Grain trading and storage
  • Peanut buying points
  • Food and nut processors
  • Farm supply
  • Ag Technology
  • Hardwood and Softwood lumber mills
  • Flooring mills
  • Lumber and flooring distributors

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